Our Sports Allegiances


We are an official Green Bay Packer bar and have been a supporter of Michigan Wolverine Athletics since 2008. On game days Matilda transforms into a sports theater, with 7 projection screens between 70” and 100” along with 4 additional plasma tvs showing the game with sound. Our DJ enhances the electric atmosphere during all football games.

We partner with craft breweries from Michigan and Wisconsin, with certain varieties that can only be found at Matilda outside of these respective states. Our menu highlights creative brunch items that are region-specific with these two teams.

Monday Night Football is also prominently featured, with 14 varieties of craft beer available for $4 each, and a $6 burger with unlimited toppings.

Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs and White Sox or other games can be shown upon request. Playoff runs will be shown prominently on all screens.

Contact us, matt@matilda-babyatlas.com or 773-883-4400 for questions on reservations.

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